Our one of a kind 55-60 minute private sessions are designed to maximize your workout. We understand the importance of time in your busy day and work with you to schedule a time for you to come in and take your fitness to the next level.



Do you like the idea of creating your own class for your friends, team, bridal/groom party? Our small group training allows your group to have their own private instructor creating top of the line training sessions to help your group achieve their fitness goals.



If you like working out with a partner in a private gym setting, we offer a great session for you and your training partner(s). We offer unique training concepts to keep the training session moving and maximize the efficiency of the workout.



First Step Fitness has several different types of classes for all levels. Our unique style of teaching helps keep the classes new and fun, while maintaining the importance of a workout setting. Our affordable classes are scheduled throughout the week to allow you the opportunity to achieve your maximal workout.



As athletes, the First Step Fitness team understands the importance of training as a team. We are qualified to train your team to achieve maximum skill development, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and endurance. If you want your team to reach their potential, our staff will help you take the First Step.



With a population that is falling into worse physical condition than ever before, the First Step team firmly believes in creating healthy exercise habits at an early age. We help develop the skills and confidence needed for kids to feel comfortable in participating in athletic activities. Let our positive energy and expertise help take your kids to the next level of fitness.